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  • MAS Blog – A Maintenance Assessment Program for FRP Tanks and Vessels

    Regularly, I am asked, “We have some FRP tanks, do they need to be inspected?” or “How often do I need to inspect my FRP tanks?” In a plant, all...

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Hazardous Chemical Byproducts and FRP: What You Should Know

Waste incineration facilities dispose of some of the most hazardous and corrosive by-products in the chemical process industry. Find out why FRP...

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Maverick Webcast

An Introduction to the New ASME NM.2 Standard for FRP Piping

Presented by Jeff Eisenman, P.E. at the 2nd Annual Plant Engineer’s FRP Forum. Jeff is Vice Chair of the ASME NM.2 Subcommittee for FRP. This subcommittee has been working on a new standard for ASME for the last 6 years. This standard will be available through ASME near the end of year. Jeff discusses the contents, impacts and benefits of the new standard to industry. Please take a few minutes to watch this presentation.

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