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Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Solutions

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Maverick Applied Science

To handle your FRP needs, Maverick Applied Science is an internationally recognized expert in the field of engineering and inspections of FRP solutions for corrosive applications. Serving you since 1999, we have built our reputation on personal service, advanced FRP technology and proven FRP engineering practices. While other engineering firms continue to shy away from fiberglass reinforced plastic solutions, we welcome the challenge and meet it through our comprehensive understanding of the behavior and performance of composite materials and fabricated components.

We believe in solving root causes, not patching issues

Nonmetallic Engineering

Equipment design and integrated system solutions for corrosive applications to ensure reliability and productivity.

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Inspection Services

Inspection of nonmetallic equipment, in order to make informed decisions on equipment maintenance and to maximize system performance.

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Pipe Supports

Design and supply of supports to ensure the safety and long-term reliability of FRP and thermoplastic piping systems.

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Material Testing

In-depth physical and analytical testing of nonmetallic materials for material validation and failure investigation.

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You want to feel confident about your Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP). When we say “we build confidence in FRP,” we mean it. We are dedicated to proving that FRP piping, vessels and tanks are safe, reliable, cost effective solutions. Our engineers, designers, inspectors, pipe support staff and other personnel are among the most knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated to serve you and all of your needs.

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Client Reviews


“Proco Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of rubber expansion joints for piping systems in the FRP world. We have closely worked with Maverick Applied Science over the years on these piping systems and have asked for their assistance to troubleshoot customer issues with supports and piping layout and design. Maverick Applied Science is an expert in the FRP piping world and we are glad to partner with them on various projects.”

Robert Coffee |
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Our agency has been working with Jeff Eisenman and the team at Maverick Applied Science for a few months now. They are extremely talented and really have serious engineering insights and skills that make Maverick the market leader in FRP consulting, inspections, installations and safety. If your operation needs guidance with Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic installations then Maverick Applied Science is your go to source!”

Mark Hughes | More Reviews

As a corrosion and material consultant I have been working with Jeff Eisenman and the team at Maverick Applied Science for the past few years.  They completed several projects in failure analysis of underground fiberglass headers, they are really well knowledgeable in nonmetallic and providing professional solid recommendations and support.

Their skilled and talented team make Maverick the market leader in FRP consulting, failure analysis, inspections, installations, and project procedure development. They are providing FRP awareness knowledge to the industry to prevent failures and maintain plant reliability. If you need a real and practical guidance/support with Fiberglass problems in your plant then Maverick Applied Science is your go to source!

Ali Al-Beed | More Reviews

Great website, a reflection of your work quality. The 35% HCl piping we started up 6 years ago continues to run very efficiently and effectively. It’s always a pleasure to work with such a professional and knowledgeable team.

Monica Hernandez | More Reviews

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