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Water and Wastewater

You need and want clean water yet the world’s rapidly growing demand for clean is rising precipitously. In fact, while technology has given us the ability to turn even the filthiest water into a usable resource, the extremely hostile nature of the process has made it both expensive and potentially dangerous.

Fortunately, fiberglass reinforced plastic provides both lower cost and more reliable corrosion resistance than more traditional materials such as metal alloys and lined steel. With its superior corrosion and abrasion resistance, FRP piping is used to process water in all sorts of enterprises from industrial wastewater treatment to demineralization to odor control.

In short, if you have a need for water purification, it should involve FRP piping. And if it involves FRP piping, it should involve Maverick.

Applications for FRP in water and wastewater include:

  • Industrial and municipal waste water supply

  • Ferric chloride

  • Hydrogen sulfide

  • Acid waste neutralization

  • Sludge water

  • Corrosive water

  • Wastewater transportation

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Nonmetallic Engineering

Equipment design and integrated system solutions for corrosive applications to ensure reliability and productivity.

Inspection Services

Inspection of nonmetallic equipment, make informed decisions on equipment maintenance and maximize system performance.

Pipe Supports

Design and supply of supports to ensure the safety and long-term reliability of FRP and thermoplastic piping systems.


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In-depth physical and analytical testing of nonmetallic materials for material validation and failure investigation.


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Investigative engineering service to the property and casualty insurance industry, legal community, risk management and other industries.

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