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“Proco Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of rubber expansion joints for piping systems in the FRP world. We have closely worked with Maverick Applied Science over the years on these piping systems and have asked for their assistance to troubleshoot customer issues with supports and piping layout and design. Maverick Applied Science is an expert in the FRP piping world and we are glad to partner with them on various projects.”

Robert Coffee

Our agency has been working with Jeff Eisenman and the team at Maverick Applied Science for a few months now. They are extremely talented and really have serious engineering insights and skills that make Maverick the market leader in FRP consulting, inspections, installations and safety. If your operation needs guidance with Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic installations then Maverick Applied Science is your go to source!”
Mark Hughes

“Great company to be a part of!”
Thomas Haber

As a corrosion and material consultant I have been working with Jeff Eisenman and the team at Maverick Applied Science for the past few years.  They completed several projects in failure analysis of underground fiberglass headers, they are really well knowledgeable in nonmetallic and providing professional solid recommendations and support.

Their skilled and talented team make Maverick the market leader in FRP consulting, failure analysis, inspections, installations, and project procedure development. They are providing FRP awareness knowledge to the industry to prevent failures and maintain plant reliability. If you need a real and practical guidance/support with Fiberglass problems in your plant then Maverick Applied Science is your go to source!
Ali Al-Beed

Great website, a reflection of your work quality. The 35% HCl piping we started up 6 years ago continues to run very efficiently and effectively. It’s always a pleasure to work with such a professional and knowledgeable team.
Monica Hernandez

“Maverick is our exclusive partner for design of FRP Stack for the Indian Thermal Power plants. . Working along side Jeff and his team for our Stack project has been a learning experience . Their knowledge of design standards and the material itself is tremendous. CPP teams knowledge has been enriched with this interaction and we look forward to working again with Jeff and his team for many more projects
Vijay Rajpurohit

“Maverick was instrumental in our safe rebuild/restart of the chlor-alkali facility. Extremely talented and knowledgeable team. Our company’s knowledge of FRP piping and tank systems increased exponentially. They were a key partner for us through the 2.5 years of this challenging project. Maverick played a key role in the success of this plant.
John Bro

“Have used Maverick in the past for their vast knowledge of fiberglass reinforced plastics to help review vessel and piping specifications.  I was thoroughly impressed by their attention to detail and they saved us a lot of money by finding issues early and offering solutions to problems that could have compounded after installation.”
Andrew Bram

“Excellent knowledge and experience in the FRP field. Have assisted with failure analysis, QA/QC checks for new tanks, and technical support when dealing with inspection findings.”
Kian Crawley

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Nonmetallic Engineering

Equipment design and integrated system solutions for corrosive applications to ensure reliability and productivity.

Inspection Services

Inspection of nonmetallic equipment, make informed decisions on equipment maintenance and maximize system performance.

Pipe Supports

Design and supply of supports to ensure the safety and long-term reliability of FRP and thermoplastic piping systems.


Material Testing

In-depth physical and analytical testing of nonmetallic materials for material validation and failure investigation.


Investigative Engineering

Investigative engineering service to the property and casualty insurance industry, legal community, risk management and other industries.

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