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Maverick Webinars

How can engineers and owners be comforted when they’re told from a tank manufacturer that the allowable loads on their nozzles are zero? This Webinar will provide you with a basic understanding of nozzle loading and failure modes, with some tips to go about preventing them. We’ll also discuss nozzle stiffness estimations and the unique factors that go into determining reasonable allowable loads. Internal research will be presented to illustrate the realities and dangers of not paying close enough attention to these critical connections. Watch Darryl Mikulec, P.E. – Maverick’s Engineering Manager give his expert advice on this critical topic!

Do you want to learn more about FRP practices? Have lunch on us, while we expand your knowledge of nonmetallic equipment. Our team can meet in person or schedule a webinar.

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Nonmetallic Engineering

Equipment design and integrated system solutions for corrosive applications to ensure reliability and productivity.

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Inspection Services

Inspection of nonmetallic equipment, in order to make informed decisions on equipment maintenance and to maximize system performance.

Pipe Supports

Design and supply of supports to ensure the safety and long-term reliability of FRP and thermoplastic piping systems. 

Material Testing

In-depth physical and analytical testing of nonmetallic materials for material validation and failure investigation.

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