Maverick Applied Science, Inc.’s President, Jeff Eisenman, is pleased to present this video about pipe supports. As you will expect from the name, “Pipe Supports – The Top 5 Reasons Why The Right Supports Matter.“, Jeff points out 5 specific points.

Be sure to watch this important video. The wrong supports will put your FRP piping project at risk. Don’t leave your success to chance. To ensure long term reliability of your FRP piping, get the right supports.

At Maverick Applied Science, we have been refining pipe support solutions for FRP piping for over 30 years and define the State-of-the-Art. If you want to talk about the right FRP pipe supports and your needs, give us a call or drop a note in email. We’d be delighted to help.

Also, stay tuned for more videos such as this one!

In recognition that the Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) industry is constantly evolving, Jeff Eisenman, President of Maverick Applied Science, commissioned a new website that focuses on education and highlights key changes to FRP solutions. This project, six months in the making will use video as a means to share new developments and industry evolutions, with the hope of making the understanding of FRP accessible to far more companies in a variety of industries. A regular video series is being released by Maverick for public consumption.