From Maverick Applied Science, Inc.’s President, Jeff Eisenman, comes this helpful video for you.

Take a few minutes and watch as Jeff talks about “The Sins of New Construction – Don’t let your FRP Project become a Victim.”

As Jeff tells the story:

“A while back, I was called into a conference room after walking down a piping system in the plant. The plant had been seeing an increasing failure rate in the unit for about 5 years that was coming to a head with elevated concerns for personnel safety and system reliability. During my brief walkdown I had noticed at least 30 to 40 piping repairs from leaks and failures in the unit. It had gotten so bad that the plant operators were being required to wear additional safety gear to work within the unit. The situation was serious!”

Watch the video for the rest of the story and then give us a call to discuss it!

Stay tuned for more videos such as this one!

In recognition that the Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) industry is constantly evolving, Jeff Eisenman, President of Maverick Applied Science, commissioned a new website that focuses on education and highlights key changes to FRP solutions. This project, six months in the making will use video as a means to share new developments and industry evolutions, with the hope of making the understanding of FRP accessible to far more companies in a variety of industries. A regular video series is being released by Maverick for public consumption.