Maverick Applied Science, Inc.’s President, Jeff Eisenman, presents “The Three Mindsets About FRP And The Critical Differences Between Them.”

At the plant level, there are 3 general mindsets about FRP, namely the Buyer, the Unit Manager or Reliability Engineer and the Informed Owner – and there are three distinct differences between them. Almost every plant person falls into one of these categories. Watch the video to understand these clearly so that you can eliminate a whole lot of pain.

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In recognition that the Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) industry is constantly evolving, Jeff Eisenman, President of Maverick Applied Science, commissioned a new web series that focuses on education and highlights key changes to FRP solutions.

The web series being amassed is with the intention of making the evolution of FRP more inviting and understandable. Ultimately, we at Maverick Applied Science would like to see the knowledge of FRP become more accessible to far more companies and throughout more industries in order for them to embrace the benefits of FRP and its continued evolution.

We know you will find this material beneficial, and we will continue to add to our library here on our site for you to consume.

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